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Chimney Service, Boston & Cambridge MA

We have skilled Fireplace & Chimney workers who provide the following services:

  • Chimney sweep & cleaning
  • Chimney liners & caps
  • Chimney inspection & repairs

Chimney fires can result from poor wood burning habits, oversized or outdated stoves or flues, neglected fires, and from people who install stoves and do chimney service work themselves without the proper information or tools.

Chimney fires are very dangerous, and can cause many dangers, such as:

  • Crumbling and cracking mortar
  • Flaming creosote that shoots out of the chimney top onto the roof
  • Clay-tile flu liners cracking open
  • Stainless steel liners warping, buckling, and separating at the seams
  • Flames spreading to the structure of the roof of the house, possibly exploding into the room.

With these potential dangers, having your chimney serviced is essential. However, harsh weather conditions can deter some professionals from venturing outside city limits, which can be a major problem for those who live outside Cambridge. No matter where in the Norfolk or surrounding areas you live, Black Magic Chimney & Fireplace is guaranteed to offer just what you need.

Black Magic Chimney & Fireplace can provide an inspection of your existing chimney and caps and then make recommendations to make any necessary repairs and replacements. We carry a full line of replacement parts and also have access to various suppliers to provide quick updates and installations of replacement parts.

Installation for new Fireplaces

Black Magic Chimney & Fireplace will provide an estimate and outline for installation of your new fireplace. We will then schedule a convenient time for the work to proceed. Installation for stoves will usually be accomplished in 1 to 3 days, Installation for fireplaces will depend on your particular configuration but will usually require from 1 to 4 days. We will provide a specific schedule after visiting your installation site.

Fireplace: Gas/ Wood/ and Pellet Service by a certified technician for all the units we sell

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